From The New York Review of Books:

Former FBI general counsel Jim Baker, who was involved in the agency’s 2016 counter-intelligence investigation of Russian activity under James Comey, whom Trump fired as FBI director in May 2017, sees other risks in the Barr–Durham efforts. “They’re immersing themselves in the intelligence world, which is a hall of smoke and mirrors and it’s very hard to assess accurately what is true and what is not true,” he said. “There could be a concerted effort by foreign intelligence services to mislead Barr and Durham, so they have to be very careful. People might be trying to feed them what they want to hear.”

“I would be very surprised if they don’t dig into Ukraine in an effort to determine if we dropped the ball, ​given that the president has spoken so much about this,” commented Jim Baker, who now leads the national security and cyber security program at the nonpartisan R Street Institute​.

Baker, the former FBI general counsel, voiced concern about the apparent haste of the decision. If it was only the criminal division that handled the matter, with no FBI input so far as we know, he said, “it was decided rather quickly, which would raise concerns. It would seem to me in a matter this complex involving these activities, an investigation (by the FBI) would be warranted. “I would like to know what the FBI did, or did not do, in this matter,” he added

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