From MJBizDaily:

Cannabis Freedom Alliance (CFA)

Year founded: 2021

Organization type: “CFA is not an organization but instead a coalition of groups that have a shared vision for federal cannabis reform.”

Agenda/mission: “End the prohibition and criminalization of cannabis in the United States in a manner consistent with helping all Americans achieve their full potential and limiting the number of barriers that inhibit innovation and entrepreneurship in a free and open market.”

Specific policy goals:

Bills endorsed or candidates supported: States Reform Act.

Membership base/noteworthy members, contributors, backers: Charles Koch, Americans for Prosperity, Reason Foundation, Global Alliance for Cannabis Commerce, The Weldon Project, Law Enforcement Action Partnership, R Street Institute, End it for Good, Students for Liberty, Taxpayers Protection Alliance, Consumer Choice Center.

Interstate commerce: Supports. “Congress ought to facilitate free and open interstate commerce as there is with most other commercial products in the U.S. and not place the cannabis industry in a second-tier status merely to lock in the competitive advantages some operators have in states with a limited number of licenses.”

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