From the Washingtonian:

‘What if Trump were an average citizen?’

Paul Rosenzweig, Senior Fellow, R Street Institute, and former senior counsel to Kenneth Starr during the Whitewater investigation.

Here’s the question I’d ask: If there were no DOJ policy against indicting a sitting President—in other words, if Trump’s conduct were that of a hypothetical average citizen, with regard to his alleged obstructive acts—would you have presented the evidence to a grand jury, and requested that it return an indictment?

This is the nut of the President’s acts (at least in Volume II of Mueller’s report). The President touts the report as “no collusion; no obstruction.” But the best reading of the report is that there was obstruction (1000 prosecutors, including me, think so) and that the President skated just because he is the President. It’s important for the American people to know whether that is true—since then the question really becomes, “In America, is the President above the law?”

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