From The Sentencing Project:

Leading advocates and researchers discuss ways to challenge racial disparities in the criminal justice system through pragmatic policy solutions.

Growing awareness of America’s failed experiment with mass incarceration prompted changes at the state and federal level to reduce the scale of imprisonment. Lawmakers and practitioners are advancing “smart on crime” approaches to public safety that favor alternatives to incarceration and reduce recidivism. While productive bipartisan discussions about reducing prison populations continue, the U.S. continues to grapple with troubling racial tensions. Truly meaningful reforms to the criminal justice system cannot be accomplished without acknowledgement of racial and ethnic disparities in the prison system, and focused attention on reduction of disparities.


Wayne Ford – Former Iowa State Representative and Founder of Wayne Ford Minority Impact Institute

Nicole D. Porter – Director of Advocacy, The Sentencing Project

Leah Sakala – Policy Associate, Urban Institute

Arthur Rizer – Director of Criminal Justice & Civil Liberties, R Street Institute

Moderator: Morgan McLeod, Communications Manager at The Sentencing Project


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