From WFTV9:

“The biggest risk was sending out checks right now is that you basically end up overheating the economy as we come out of this situation, it is important to recognize the situation we are in right now as it relates to the pandemic is very different than it was last April or May ‚” said Jonathan Bydlak, the Director of Fiscal and Budget Policy for the R-Street Institute. “That’s not to say there aren’t still people who are hurting but right now we are transitioning from concern about the harm caused by the pandemic to concern of overheating as we come out of the pandemic.”

Bydlak said a smaller more narrowly tailored bill would have achieved many of the same goals without risking flooding the economy with cash.

“One of the big problems is a lot of the aid is not being targeted to the things that are specifically related to the pandemic , things like vaccine distribution and testing are very small portions of these packages,” said Bydlak.

Watch the interview here.

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