I want to throw an idea about what`s happening here. It`s not mine. It belongs to Paul Rosenzweig of the R Street Institute, which is a conservative-leaning but non-Trump, a think tank here in town.

And Paul points to this point. February 4th is the State of the Union. If President Trump, if there`s been a trial and there`s been a sham hearing and the Senate has slapped together acquittal, imagine the tone of President Trump on the 4th of February. Triumphal, obnoxious, overbearing, I win, I win, you lose, you lose.

If the impeachment is still pending on the 4th of February, can you imagine how insane that State of the Union is going to be? It’s going to be like the Twitter feed. Like, it`s going to be like the Christmas Twitter feed when the family is all gone. It`s going to be an hour of paranoia and grievance and narcissism of a kind that is going to I think terrify even many – and Paul suggests, terrify even many of his supporters. So, having this not wrapped up by the 4th of February, that could have very dramatic consequences.

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