From Politico:

“He does not shy away from confrontation with friends or enemies or anyone in between,” said Andrew Moylan, executive director of the R Street Institute who has known Ebell for a decade.

Ask any environmentalist about Ebell and they will first talk about the corporate money behind CEI, which is notoriously secretive about its donors. Robert Brulle, a sociologist from Drexell University, has researched the financial connections between the fossil fuel industry and conservative think tanks. While incomplete, Brulle’s numbers show that CEI has received millions of dollars from the industry over the past 20 years, along with significant sums from various conservative foundations including the Koch Foundation. Still, no one I spoke with thought that Ebell was bought off by CEI’s corporate backers.

“Myron is a true believer that climate change isn’t real, that corporations left to their own devices will do the right thing and the EPA is the problem, not part of the solution,” said Symons. Moylan called Ebell a “ring leader in the libertarian wing” who is fully convinced that alarmist environmentalists are using the specter of climate change to push through their Big Government agenda.

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