From The Federalist:

The postal service also lacks needed oversight due to a managerial crisis: what should be an 11-member board has been reduced to one postmaster general, one governor, and a deputy postmaster general, noted Kevin Kosar, a senior fellow at the R Street Institute.

…Indeed, although postal reform bills are afloat in both the House and Senate, the reforms proposed inside are mostly incremental and aimed at temporarily reducing costs—not the big, visionary changes needed for real improvement. According to Kosar and Gattuso, members of Congress continually block reform attempts that would truly deal with the situation.

“We really need to think about what a twenty-first-century postal service would look like, and even, do we need one?” Kosar said. “Those questions are just very difficult to take up in Congress, so these bills mostly deal with pensions, retiree health-benefit costs—they will leave the Postal Service looking much like it has since the 1970s.”

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