From Business Insider:

“One theory is that President Obama’s been in office a long time,” said Reihan Salam, a senior fellow at the R Street Institute and a contributing editor to National Review. “There’s a sense that his agenda has stalled so there’s interest in some alternatives. If you’re a savvy legislator, you might think, well here’s an opportunity for me to build an identity and build a profile.”

Whatever the reason, the Republican Party has taken a big first step towards a positive policy agenda during the past six months. These proposals may not end with bill signings but the lack of them should not be confused with a lack of development within the party. Change is happening and will continue to happen throughout this year.

“It’s nice to see because there have been a bunch of people who have been working on some of these things for many years and risk-aversion kind of overcame this taste for novelty,” Salam said. “The balance is shifting now and I think that you’re going to see more stuff coming down the pipeline.”

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