From Demand Progress Education Fund:

The specific issue of staff pay was addressed by R Street’s Casey Burgat and the Democracy Fund’s Joe Goldman.

CRSX: To the Library’s tech and transparency role, R Street’s Kevin Kosar submitted testimony raising significant concerns with the Library’s implementation of public access to CRS reports and urging CRS to begin releasing non-confidential CRS reports contained in its CRSX archive online. This is particularly notable as Kevin worked for CRS for more than a decade, including as a manager.

Mitch McConnell changed 213 years of senate history in 33 minutes last week when Republicans went nuclear (again!) and changed Senate rules to cut debate time on presidential nominees from 30 hours to 2. The R Street Institute’s James Wallner explains why this is a problem to Roll Call and on his blog.

Want to know more about staffing trends in Congress? Check out R Street’s event “Behind the Committee Doors: The staffing traits and trends of Congress’ legislative deal-breakers” tomorrow at noon in SVC 202.

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