From The Washington Post:

The divisions aren’t new, either, Paul Rosenzweig, a former House investigations counsel and Bush administration cyber official, told me.

“My view is that the era of bipartisan agreement on cybersecurity is mostly myth,” said Rosenzweig, a senior fellow at the R Street Institute think tank.

“The Democrats have always had a more mandate-oriented, regulatory-based view of how to approach this,”  Rosenzweig said.

Meanwhile, “you’d be hard-pressed to find any Republican who would vote for any security mandate as opposed to a security standard,” he said.

Those divisions could be overcome by a major catastrophe, such as a cyberattack against the energy grid or financial sector, Rosenzweig told me. Unfortunately, the highest-profile digital strike against the United States targeted the 2016 election, which automatically put it in a partisan frame, he said.

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