Libertarian: Unions vs. School Reopenings

The “foot-dragging response to school closings” shows that “students are not the priority but serve as a prop by which district officials and teachers’ unions arm-twist taxpayers for money,” laments Steven Greenhut at Reason. California charters and private schools “have worked tirelessly to get students and teachers back to school,” but public-school teachers delay reopening to “only after officials agree to a laundry list of demands that have little to do with ‘the children.’ ” With taxpayers funding “government monopolies regardless of how well they perform,” school districts settled for a “plodding and incompetent” transition to virtual learning, then “essentially blamed the students” for remote failure. “The public-school system is a travesty that does not — and cannot — put students first. The only answer is competition, so that parents and students can take their business elsewhere.”

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