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This is a legitimate concern, but we’re a long way from seeing proof of an organized conspiracy that Trump and DeJoy are attempting to rig the election.

The $25 billion under negotiation for the post office isn’t actually for mail-in ballots but for foregone revenues due to Covid-19. And mail ballots will still get delivered through November. Some election experts and officials, including secretaries of state like Pennsylvania’s Kathy Boockvar, say they believe the USPS will be able to handle the volume of election mail this year despite the increased amount and Covid-19 repercussions. Kevin Kosar, who is a vice president at the Washington, D.C., think tank the R Street Institute, argues the agency is equipped to process the ballots. “USPS delivers 2.8 billion mail pieces per week. Even if 275 million individuals cast ballots by mail the USPS could handle it.” (Currently, approximately 209 million individuals could theoretically do so, so Kosar is being generous.)

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