At the start of the final podcast of 2019, Chuck Marohn reflects on a major milestone in his personal life as well as on the last year for Strong Towns (it’s been literally event-full). He’s joined by occasional cohost Gryffindor the Dog.

We then close out our 2019 podcasts with a roundtable discussion on redevelopment agencies.

Redevelopment agencies target for “renewal” neighborhoods that have been designated as blighted. They are controversial because they are often subject to less public accountability than other government agencies, because they can borrow money and exercise the power of eminent domain, because of where a lot of that borrowed money goes (to private developers, in the form of subsidies), and because of which neighborhoods are deemed to be blighted. And, actually, those are just a few reasons redevelopment agencies inspire such a passionate reaction.

Back in 2011, California abolished redevelopment agencies, resulting in the dissolution of 400 local agencies. But in recent months there have been efforts to bring them back— or at least a version of them. In this episode, recorded live in Santa Ana, California, Chuck is joined by two guests. Making the case against redevelopment agencies is Steven Greenhut, the Western Region director for the R Street Institute. Making the case in favor is Mike Madrid, a communications expert, a nationally recognized expert on Latino voting trends, and a partner at Grassroots Lab.


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