From Mother Jones:

That’s not all. Giuliani’s admission to Hannity could also put Trump and Cohen at risk of being charged with engaging in a conspiracy to evade FEC reporting requirements, says Paul Rosenzweig, a former senior counsel to independent counsel Kenneth Starr and a senior fellow at the R Street Institute, a conservative think tank. (Experts differ over whether a sitting president could be indicted for a crime. But alleged crimes could be fodder for an impeachment trial.)

If Trump ultimately footed the bill for the Daniels payment, he explains, the “donation” actually came from Trump. By filtering the payment through his lawyer, Rosenzweig notes, Trump “avoided the disclosure requirements. If done on purpose and knowingly, that’s a conspiracy, a plan to violate the federal election law. Trump is laundering a contribution to his own campaign through his lawyer as a way of avoiding the reporting requirements.”

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