WASHINGTON (March 16, 2021)—R Street is excited to welcome Jerry Theodorou as the director of the Finance, Insurance and Trade Policy Program.

In this capacity, Theodorou develops and advances effective, free market-oriented research and public policy solutions that deal with risk and other complex products where federal and state governments have intervened. He will continue work on R Street’s priorities including risk-based insurance regulation, reforming the National Flood Insurance Program, free trade, and financial products and institutions.

“R Street’s reputation for objective research into pragmatic public policy solutions to matters impacting insurance is unparalleled. I’m excited to join R Street at a time when insurance can help address today’s trifecta of challenges to our economy and health—a pandemic, catastrophic weather events and mushrooming cyber threats,” said Theodorou.

“Jerry is an exciting addition to R Street’s portfolio of scholar-practitioners. He brings with him an impressive body of original research on a wide range of topics within the insurance field, as well as a proven record of performance within the industry,” said Lauren Rollins, associate vice president of research programs at R Street. “He is full of creative and promising ideas for new areas of policy research and is eager to work together with our partners to advance sound public policy solutions in finance, insurance and trade.”

Prior to joining R Street, Theodorou was a director in insurance research at Conning, a leading insurance asset management and research firm in Hartford, CT. In his 12 years at Conning, Jerry was highly sought after for his insights and publications on a broad range of matters impacting property and casualty insurers, and was in strong demand as keynote speaker at conferences. Prior to Conning, Theodorou worked for the global insurance giant American International Group (AIG) in a variety of global underwriting, operations and strategy roles, including close to a decade of expatriate managerial assignments in Europe and the Middle East.

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