WASHINGTON (March 21, 2014) — The R Street Institute today announced that Andrew Moylan has been promoted to executive director and Lori Sanders to outreach director, effective immediately.

In his new capacity, Moylan will act as the “tip of the spear” for the organization in public settings, maintaining its policy brand and relationships with policymakers, donors and the non-profit community. Moylan will also be responsible for creating original research and policy content to help advance the organization’s priorities. In addition, Moylan will oversee all relevant outreach, communications and policy staff.

“In less than two years, R Street has grown from a small startup spinoff of another think tank to a substantial institution in its own right. I’m pleased to announce that we’re restructuring to prepare for the next phase in our growth,” said Eli Lehrer, R Street’s president. “Andrew has taken a great leadership role at R Street since he joined us soon after our founding. He’s super-smart and a strong and effective manager. I can’t think of a better person to run our day-to-day operations.”

Moylan previously served as R Street’s outreach director, where he was responsible for coalition efforts as well as providing education about public policy issues to regulators, lawmakers and their staffs. He previously served as vice president of government affairs at the National Taxpayers Union and with the Center for Educational Freedom at at the Cato Institute.

Sanders, previously R Street’s outreach manager, moves into Moylan’s former position of outreach director, where she will take on a broader outreach and education role. She joined R Street from the American Enterprise Institute, where she served as program manager for AEI’s Road to Freedom project.

“Even on the wonkiest issues of policy, Lori has proven herself a great connector and fantastic outreach manager. She’s also a brilliant writer and incredibly bright,” said Lehrer.

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