From The Washington Post:

“The theme might be construed as there’s no free lunch,” said Kevin Kosar, who studies the Postal Service at the libertarian think tank R Street. “Postal policy has a whole lot of competing objectives. On the one hand, we’re supposed to have a postal policy that serves everyone easily no matter what the costs may be. At the same time we want the Postal Service to break even. For some reason we’re still fixated, despite the mail volume drop-off, to deliver mail six days a week. It has a highly unionized workforce that bargains for working conditions on the shop floor.

“We want a lot of different things, but revenue isn’t what it was 15 years ago and we’re going to have to choose among many different things.”

“Eliminating the Alaska Bypass in the minds of other senators would perhaps set a precedent,” Kosar said. “What does it mean for Puerto Rico, for American Samoa, for Hawaii? Are they the next ones going to be presented with a higher bill? The elimination of it would raise political alarms well beyond Alaska.”

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