From Politics in Question:

In this week’s episode of Politics In Question, Julia, Lee, and James discuss the relationship between norms and democratic values during times of crisis. Is the normative and moral foundation of our democracy crumbling beneath our feet? Politics has always been eventful in America. But it appears especially so in recent decades. From 9/11 and the War on Terror to the 2008 financial crash and the economic damage it caused in the lives of millions, Americans have first-hand knowledge of the way in which crises can change how the government operates. Amidst an extraordinary pandemic and another economic free-fall, with a polarizing figure in the White House and elections on the horizon, Americans are facing once again a critical moment for our nation and our government. What will our politics look like when the current crisis is finally over? How should we understand the consequences it could have for our democratic values? And what exactly is a norm? These are some of the questions that Julia, Lee, and James ask on this week’s episode.

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