Confusion, chaos, and in some cases outright conspiracy has surrounded the Postal Service this past week, fueled by stories in the media that USPS, allegedly under the President’s direction, was having mailboxes removed and mail sorting machines dismantled as a way to prevent mail-in voting. This is a dangerous lie that has the potential to undermine the country’s faith not just in the post office, but in the upcoming election.

On this episode of the NEW Look podcast, Rep. Gallagher is joined by Kevin Kosar, Vice President of Research Partnerships at the R Street Institute, to discuss how we got to where we are and the perfect storm of events that led to all this chaos. Having studied the issue for more than 14 years, Kevin is one of the nation’s leading scholars on postal issues and breaks down the current outlook for the Postal Service while debunking the myths surrounding post office operations this week. Follow him on Twitter (@KevinRKosar) for more updates and materials on USPS.

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