From Fox News:

…Jillian Snider, a former NYPD officer and lecturer at John Jay College of Criminal Justice, told Fox News Digital that the NYPD “started seeing abandonment from policing in 2019,” but that didn’t become an issue “until the rhetoric around defund the police hit the news” in 2020.

She argued that the NYPD needs to incentivize solid recruits to join the force.

“A lot of other agencies in this country, if you have a graduate degree, or you have another skill set, there’s minimal sign-on bonuses, or something that compensates you,” Snider said. 

“For example, at other agencies, if you have a master’s degree, or a juris doctorate, or a Ph.D., you get a stipend per year, because it’s assumed that you probably have some graduate school debt. NYPD does none of that…”

“There was contemplation last year about them reducing some standards because that’s how desperate they were for people. I don’t think that’s smart,” Snider said. “Don’t make it easier to hire bad cops. We don’t have any incentivizing to be a cop in the NYPD.”