From Daily Wire:

But research from R Street, a more conservative think tank, found that such a ban, particularly on vehicles, won’t do much to combat climate change.

“America currently accounts for only 15 percent of global carbon dioxide emissions, and that percentage will fall as nations such as India and China become wealthier,” R Street noted. “Replacing gasoline cars with electric vehicles depends on the willingness of consumers to prefer EVs to traditionally powered cars. If this doesn’t happen, consumers will respond to the ban by keeping their existing cars for longer, buying out of state, or pressuring future elected officials to loosen the ban.”

Gov. Gavin Newsom (D-CA) has enacted a ban on gas-powered vehicles that won’t take effect for 15 years. Hochul’s plan won’t take effect for five. If the threat is so severe, why wait? As R Street noted, “a ban that doesn’t take effect for 15 years provides the appearance of action but forces future leaders to deal with the consequences.”

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