From BloombergView:

1. Dan Drezner was … not impressed with my case for how Donald Trump could reach adequacy. I of course agree with everything he says about Trump, and we’re not actually likely to get a trial run for this one (because it won’t be imposed on him), but I still think many people are vastly underestimating how much of a difference a first-rate chief of staff can make.

2. Dave Hopkins on the James Comey hearing. As he says, perhaps the most notable thing was that Senate Republicans were hardly eager to defend Trump.

3. Diana B. Greenwald and Mark Tessler at the Monkey Cage on Palestinian public opinion about institutions.

4. My Bloomberg View colleague Noah Feldman on new trouble for Trumpfrom Comey’s testimony.

5. Alyssa Rosenberg on Comey’s performance.

6. And Kevin Kosar on the U.S. Post Office.

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