From the New Republic:

Long before he even launched his campaign, Bush managed to raise hopes that he will be one of the few reasonable Republican presidential aspirants on climate change. Those hopes haven’t panned out. So far, Bush has only sent mixed (and for environmentalists, mostly discouraging) signals that he intends to align more closely with the climate-change denying camp than with believers. “It’s not entirely clear he has both feet directly in either camp at the time,” said Andrew Moylan, executive director of R Street, a think tank with conservative solutions for climate change…

…“In some ways Bush gets a somewhat bad rap from folks who claim he is throwing his lot in with deniers and skeptics,” Moylan said of Bush’s support for natural gas as a way of reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and his acceptance that the climate is changing (even though he won’t say humans are responsible). Though Bush hasn’t endorsed specific climate policy solutions, Moylan thinks he still “has a reasonably good grasp” of the issue.

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