From Politico:
POSSIBLE JCPA INCLUSION IN NDAA TRIGGERS SWIFT PUSHBACK: A broad coalition of groups opposed to the Journalism Competition and Preservation Act sprang into action on Monday after draft text began circulating indicating the bill could be tucked into the compromise version of the NDAA set to be unveiled at any moment — The swift pushback against including the measure, which would allow media outlets to collectively bargain with tech platforms like Meta and Google over payments for their content to appear on those sites, was headlined by a blistering statement from Meta threatening to yank news content from its platforms altogether, should the JCPA pass… — The left-leaning tech lobbying group Chamber of Progress and the Computer & Communications Industry Association also called on lawmakers to think twice about wrapping JCPA into the NDAA. But they were joined in their letter to congressional leadership by groups like Fight for the Future, a progressive advocacy group that has been among the most vocal organizations pushing for antitrust bills, the ACLU, the libertarian R Street Institute and more.

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