From USA Today:

Paul Rosenzwieg, former Department of Homeland Security official and founder of Red Branch Consulting, said there is much to learn about inadequate intelligence-gathering before the attack, the slow response as it unfolded and who organized and funded it.

“I am 100% sure there are people who have already made up their minds, and nothing this committee says will change that,” he said. “But if they do their job seriously, there will be lots of things that well-meaning people can take from this that would improve the response next time and minimize the chance of it happening again.”

Rosenzwieg, a senior counsel in the Whitewater investigation during the Clinton administration, said there is lots to learn to improve a future response.

“There is a legitimate set of questions about why we did a bad job and what we can do to do better,” he said.

“The Republicans have committed to denigrating and minimizing this no matter what, and it remains to be seen whether they’ll succeed,” Rosenzweig said.

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