From One News Now:

Steven Greenhut, a California resident at the R Street Institute, tells OneNewsNow that California home buyers will be seeing red.

“This is problematic on a number of levels,” he insists, beginning with further hurting the state’s current housing crisis which is caused in part by local and state requirements for new homes.

“But this will add, according to the state, $9,400 bucks per house,” he advises. “Aand I’ve seen people saying the total mandates will push it up to $30,000 a house.”

A second problem, Greenhut says, is that this is being done by “edict” rather than through the legislature.

California, already a leader in left-wing environmental views, is the country’s top market for solar installation, The Associated Press reported.

“So something this far reaching,” he complains, “is coming from an unelected commission and that should trouble people.”

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