From FiveThirtyEight:

It’s also possible that Mueller could learn something important from Democrats, especially if they do begin aggressively investigating issues that might fall under Mueller’s purview — like the infamous June 2016 meetingat Trump Tower. Paul Rosenzweig, a senior fellow at the R Street Institute who worked on the Whitewater investigation, said that special prosecutors have worked symbiotically with Congress before and have benefited from valuable information unearthed by a congressional investigation. For example, as the Watergate scandal unfolded, it was Senate investigators who discovered that the White House had a secret taping system. Rosenzweig cautioned that this kind of cooperation was rare, however.


But if history is any indication, Mueller might want to brace himself for unwanted interference. “The Democrats will want to tread carefully, because we’ve had a long history of congressional investigations that were at cross-purposes with independent counsel investigations,” said Rosenzweig. However, legal experts like Rosenzweig say that there are many avenues that House Democrats can pursue that won’t step on Mueller’s toes, like investigating whether Russia has leverage over Trump’s financial interests.

In the end, if Democrats don’t want to disturb or undermine Mueller’s work, the best course of action might be the simplest (and one they’ve advisedTrump to take many times over the past 18 months): Leave Mueller alone.

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