From Congressman Bruce Westerman:

The panel of Republican members heard from five witnesses during the forum:

Philip Rossetti, resident senior fellow, R Street Institute
Xan Fishman, energy policy and carbon management director, Bipartisan Policy Center
Abigail Wulf, critical minerals strategy director, Securing America’s Future Energy
Alex Herrgott, president and CEO, The Permitting Institute
Paul Goranson, CEO, enCore Energy

“It’s important for us to think about the fundamental role that we want to see with regulation and permitting and how that coincides with our free market economy,” Rosetti said. “Which is that these regulations are supposed to preserve the environment, address externalities and address genuine market failures when they arise. But they can’t be a substitute for the role of the market in stimulating private sector investment, producing new solutions and especially producing solutions that are going to be taken up globally. In that sense, environmental regulatory reform should always be focused on capturing real benefit where it arises, but also ensuring that we are actually preserving a market competition environment that is going to bring about the very solutions we need to see deploy globally.”

Watch the full forum here.

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