From Tri-State Livestock News:

Earlier Monday, a coalition of leftist and right-wing farm bill critics held a news conference in which they said they feared that the final bill would agree to the House provisions that would allow farmers’ cousins, nieces and nephews and their spouses to qualify for up to $125,000 per year in farm subsidies.

Scott Faber, senior vice president for government affairs, Environmental Working Group; Ferd Hoefner, senior strategic adviser, National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition; Nan Swift, director of federal affairs, National Taxpayers Union; Joshua Sewell, senior policy analyst, Taxpayers for Common Sense; Caroline Kitchens, director of federal government affairs, R Street Institute; and Alison Winters, senior policy fellow, Americans for Prosperity, all said the conference committee should reject provisions in the House bill that would allow more distant relatives to get benefits if they claim some role in the farm.

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