Dear Chairmen Hatch and Brady and Ranking Members Wyden and Levin:

The Green Scissors coalition writes to you with deep concerns regarding attempts to extend a suite of energy tax breaks slated to expire at the end of 2016—the latest iteration of the so-called “tax extenders.” As a coalition of free-market, taxpayer, and environmental groups dedicated to eliminating wasteful and environmentally harmful government spending, we regard many of the provisions up for renewal as the worst of both fiscal and energy policy. We are additionally concerned by Congressional attempts to extend and expand tax provisions yet to expire.

We strongly encourage you to allow the following temporary measures to expire:

In addition to these expiring measures, we are concerned with the introduction of legislation that extends and expands additional non-expiring tax breaks harmful to our environment and wasteful to taxpayers.

As a coalition representing free market, taxpayer, and environmental perspectives, we remain committed to ending wasteful and environmentally harmful tax expenditures. Allowing these giveaways to expire once and for all is a practical step towards achieving that goal.


The Green Scissors Coalition

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