“On the first episode of the Get Unstuck Podcast, Elie interviews Shoshana Weissmann, who runs digital media at the R Street Institute. Shoshana’s distinguished herself as a rising influencer on Twitter, with over 40,000 followers. She now also consults for other think tanks, businesses, and organizations. Her work on occupational licensing reform has been published in the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, and many scholarly publications. In this episode, Shoshana discusses her growth on Twitter, the diminishing value of college, and gives actionable advice for millennials who are seeking out mentorship in non-traditional routes. You can find Shoshana on Twitter @senatorshoshana. Show Details: On The Get Unstuck podcast, you’ll find interviews with cutting-edge entrepreneurs, influencers, and traders, who’ve distinguished themselves by providing massive value to their respective audiences.”

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