From One News Now:

Steven Greenhut lives in California and serves as western region director for the R Street Institute. He doubts anyone would be unhappy with free money and says the privately-funded program is free to do as it pleases.

“I thought the interview with the mayor was really telling,” Greenhut continues. “None of us wants to have poverty, but the key is figuring out ways to reduce poverty, and the way to do that is by creating wealth, which comes from creating jobs.”

He adds that jobs are what Stockton needs.

“It’s a nice city, but it’s a poor city,” he describes. “It’s got a lot of great natural resources. It’s got a big port. It’s in one of the most fertile agricultural areas in the world, the San Joaquin Valley, and we’re not going to get to where we want to be or where the mayor wants to be just by these little token programs.”

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