From RTO Insider:

Beth Garza, a senior fellow with public policy research firm R Street Institute and ERCOT’s Independent Market Monitor from 2014 to 2019, pointed to ERCOT’s statutory status as the “independent organization” responsible for managing the grid.

“There’s a reason for that,” she said Friday. “Most people would say that’s independent from the market participants and the industry. The other part of that independence is you want an organization that is focused on the best and most appropriate technological ways to deal with whatever the problems are.”


Garza was among several subject-matter experts who testified before the committee during its June meeting. She said at the time she thought it was a “check-the-box exercise” and would amount to little. However, Garza said she found the discussion to be “very valuable” and found herself wishing the PUC “would put themselves in a position to hear that kind of input and discourse.”

“There’ll be a report that goes to the legislature. I have every confidence it’s a report and will be written and given to the legislature,” she said. “What will it contain? Will the contents of that report be meaningfully developed with debate back and forth? No. They took input during one meeting and a second meeting to look at the document.”

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