Cited in the Jerusalem Post:

Congressional candidate Mark Roberts running in the Oregon district elections tweeted a line of antisemitic comments against Shoshana Weissmann, a Jewish digital media editor of a conservative think tank.

“Off with your #Yarmulke and I’ll take a ginsu to your pe’ah too!”
tweeted Roberts on Monday in response to criticism from a user shocked by his tweets.

Roberts is running as the Oregon candidate for the US House of Representatives on behalf of the Independent Party of Oregon. His antisemitic tweets against Weissmann follow a previously heavily criticized tweet about Melania Trump, calling her a “hoebag”.

“Did you know the First Lady works by the hour?” is the tweet that inspired Weissmann’s original criticism and led to the back and forth spat.

Roberts has since deleted the offensive tweet against Melania Trump, but in response to several complaints reported that Twitter did not ban him, as he broke no platform rules. “It’s that whole 1st amendment thing.”

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