From Florida Today:

Among the speakers opposing term limits for members of Congress was Casey Burgat, senior governance fellow for the R Street Institute in Washington.

“Term limits take away from voters the fundamental right to choose their representatives,” Burgat said in testimony for the subcommittee. “Term limits automatically kick out lawmakers without any regard for how effective they are on the job or how supported they are by their constituents. If voters feel unheard or poorly represented by their elected officials, the mechanism is there to remove them. Neither Congress’ job performance nor the public’s dissatisfaction with its work will be improved by automatically forcing out duly-elected, experienced members. In fact, the effects of term limits are more likely to harm the institution than help it.”

Burgat contends that term-limited legislators become less concerned with the needs of their constituents and their individual districts, and term limits would result in a “brain drain,” filling Congress with inexperienced legislators.

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