At the R Street institute, we value the unique impact presidential campaigns have on public policy discourse. We have some of the smartest, most capable experts in the country on our staff, covering a variety of our most pressing issues as a nation: energy and environment, technology and innovation, governance, income mobility, insurance, public health, tax and budget issues and state policy, just to name a few.

We also work in coalitions with a broad array of partners: from libertarian-leaning groups like the Competitive Enterprise Institute and Niskanen Center to conservative groups like the Heritage Foundation and American Enterprise Institute to centrist groups like Taxpayers for Common Sense to left-leaning groups like the Environmental Working Group and Friends of the Earth. In short, we either cover or have friends who cover just about every issue under the sun. We’d like to think we can offer expertise of value to any presidential candidate, no matter his or her ideological persuasion.

That’s why we are extending an open invitation to any presidential campaign – Republican, Democratic, independent or Kanye West – to meet with our staff or seek our assistance in reaching out to allied groups to discuss policy design. This offer is not limited to those candidates for whom some on our staff may cast a vote. In fact, we will be contacting as many presidential campaigns as we can, of all parties, to extend this invitation personally and ensure we’re not playing favorites.

We often say that we’ll work with anyone, so long as they don’t promote hatred or violence, and the same holds true for lending our expertise to candidates. Of course, as a nonpartisan educational institution, R Street does not promote any particular candidate or party and would not promise to promote any particular candidate’s proposals.

If you work for a presidential candidate and would like to speak with R Street experts or our coalition partners, please contact R Street’s outreach director Lori Sanders at 202-525-5717 or [email protected]. We’d love to talk with you about the many paths we’ve identified to a more limited, effective government than we “enjoy” today.

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