From New York Post:

Left-coast watch: Cali’s Self-Made Disease

Steven Greenhut at The Orange County Register agrees with President Trump: California is a “cautionary tale” as it “bounds” from crisis to crisis. The latest: “raging wildfires” sparked, in part, by “poor land management, ill-conceived liability and insurance laws and the misuse of firefighting budgets.” Add the state’s homeless scourge, housing costs, “clogged” roads, squandered billions, “eye-popping public-sector pay deals” and “stagnant” schools, and the Golden State becomes a picture of failure. “California isn’t the only state with problems, but most of them are the result of government inefficiency and malfeasance.” Officials “refuse to consider nongovernment approaches”; instead, their solutions are always the same: “Raise taxes on the rich.” California isn’t yet Detroit, “but don’t forget that 60 years ago, Detroit was one of the nation’s great cities.”

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