Bernie Sanders is the champion of the little guy, the downtrodden and the oppressed victims of (big “C”) Capitalism who have found themselves trapped in the lower-middle class by bank loans, greedy politicians, lackluster bank accounts and their four-year degree in gender studies, which had literally no job prospects to begin with but was approved for massive funding regardless.

As part of his jihad against “The Man,” Bernie spoke recently about how terrible Uber – the ride-sharing company that cropped up in response to the bloated, expensive taxi cartels – is, arguing that it operates out of reach of the long arm of government, beyond transportation regulation and in violation of the sacrosanct bond of the labor union. Sanders said he had “serious problems” with Uber because it went unregulated. After all, how can businesses operate without the heavy hand of government guiding their way?

Apparently, they can operate well and conveniently, for Bernie Sanders. According to a report from National Journal, Uber works so well for Bernie Sanders that his campaign takes it literally everywhereOne-hundred percent of the Sanders campaign’s claimed transportation costs are for Uber vehicles.


That goddamn free market, always being convenient and stuff! How dare a subversive transportation company be so darn useful to a socialist’s campaign that they can’t seem to bring themselves to use anything else!

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