From Raw Story:

On Wednesday’s edition of CNN’s “Cuomo Prime Time,” former FBI lawyer James Baker told Chris Cuomo that Ukrainian envoy William Taylor will be the “critical piece” of the impeachment investigation into President Donald Trump.

“Jim, let me ask you this,” said Cuomo. “Taylor, everyone is talking about this will be a big deal when he testifies. Why? He didn’t have direct evidence or any kind of direct dealings with the president about this. He goes to the concern, he goes to how unorthodox this was. He goes to, Rudy bails him out and said on the show, yeah, I had to ask about Biden. So Taylor is only as good as Rudy has been. Fair point?”

“So, the way I’m thinking about Taylor right now — and we still have to see more of these facts and testimony from next week — he seems like the linchpin to all this,” said Baker. “He links everything together, the two pieces, and sees a lot going on on both sides, and trying to figure out what it all means. And I think he has this credibility and this background that makes him so believable. So, anyway, so I see him as a critical piece in all this.”

Watch here.

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