Security in Antitrust: Implications of Two House Bills
Tatyana Bolton

Over the past several months, Congress has identified and prioritized the need to address what they see as unregulated behavior in large tech companies. By taking a look at two of the House bills…

Proposed SICI Bill Vs. Solarium Commission Recommendation
Tatyana Bolton

On Oct. 5, 2021, Rep. John Katko introduced H.R. 5491 to authorize the director of the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency to designate certain elements of critical infrastructure as…

Modernizing the Alcohol Supply Chain for the 21st Century
C. Jarrett Dieterle

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, “logistics” was becoming a popular buzzword. While logistics may sound like an esoteric topic that is only of interest to…

Five Factors to Watch with Premarket Tobacco Product Application Decisions
Chelsea Boyd

Sept. 9, 2021 is a pivotal day for the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and reduced-risk tobacco products, such as e-cigarettes. The FDA is expected to announce which products have received…

Right of First Refusal Laws for Electric Transmission are Anti-Competitive in Interstate Commerce
Josiah Neeley

The benefits of competition in building and operating new electric transmission projects is increasingly apparent. A recent study by the Brattle Group found that…

Questions to Ask About a Menthol Ban
Caroline Kitchens

The Biden administration has announced a plan to ban menthol cigarettes, though the specifics have yet to be articulated. Given the serious negative health consequences of combustible cigarettes, the…

Teleheath, Fraud and Complexity: Considerations for Policymakers
Courtney Joslin

The COVID-19 pandemic drastically shifted how Americans accessed health care. Telehealth services became a main source of medical care, and as such, lawmakers, agencies and political leaders rushed…

Pole Replacement Explainer
Jeffrey Westling
The Online App Store Ecosystem
Wayne Brough

App stores help make smartphones smart

Digital Application Distribution Platforms, or app stores, are used by consumers to purchase and download apps for smartphones and other mobile devices. The…

Section 230
Jeffrey Westling

Modern social media services, news, e-commerce and many other websites are built around input from their users, including messages, comments, reviews and pictures. These communications…

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