Pharmacist-Prescribed Birth Control: The Evidence on Outcomes
Courtney Joslin

Women have long reported that hormonal birth control can be difficult and costly to obtain. Many have trouble scheduling regular doctor appointments in the first place; for the uninsured, this can be…

Supplier Consolidated Billing
Josiah Neeley & Mike Haugh

In more than a dozen states, customers have the choice of choosing their retail electric provider. In these states, an electric customer will receive services from two…

Staying connected with mail is vital for those incarcerated and their families
Nila Bala

Facilitating family connections is in everyone’s best interests. Pro-social family connections can make facilities safer, improve the psychological health of those behind bars, and even lead to a…

HB 6 and the Road Back From Corruption
Josiah Neeley & Mike Haugh

Ohioans are rightly shocked by the recent reports of corruption in the state regarding energy legislation. Central to the current scandals is HB 6, passed in 2019, which will give over $1 billion to…

Pharmacist-Prescribed Birth Control: The Evidence on Outcomes
Courtney Joslin

Over the last several years, more and more states have begun allowing pharmacists to prescribe hormonal birth control methods like the pill. This model of access, commonly called the…

A Primer on Delivering and Shipping Alcohol in the COVID-19 New Normal
C. Jarrett Dieterle

American consumers are used to everything being delivered to their doors. Currently, products ranging from pickle-flavored lip balm to pharmaceutical drugs are shipped across the country….

Making Electric Transmission More Competitive
Josiah Neeley & Beth Garza

The electric grid is divided into three parts: generation (the production of electricity), transmission (the movement of electricity from one point to another) and distribution (the delivery of…

Lack of Recycling Information Creates Consumer Confusion
Josiah Neeley & Philip Rossetti

Most recycling programs treat all types of recycled materials as interchangeable, and perhaps for this reason, the general public tends to think of them this way as well. For consumers, two decisions…

How to Make Distributed Energy Resources Work for Texas
Josiah Neeley

The Value of DERs
Distributed energy resources (DERs) are any kind of resources located on the distribution system, rather than coming from generators. The term applies to a variety of technologies,…

Flawed Regulatory System Encourages Bad Behavior By Electric Utilities
Josiah Neeley

The summer of 2020 saw shocking allegations of criminal conduct by electric companies in two midwestern states.

In July, Commonwealth Edison (ComEd), a subsidiary of Exelon Corporation, agreed to…