The “Credit Card Competition Act” and Interchange Fees
Caroline Melear

New legislation was introduced in July by Sens. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) and Roger Marshall (R-Kan.) called the “Credit Card Competition Act of 2022.” Companion legislation of the same name…

Can Cannabis Help Solve the Opioid Crisis?
Stacey McKenna

In 2021, drug overdose deaths in the United States—the vast majority of which were attributable to opioids—topped 100,000, an all-time high. The overprescribing of OxyContin and…

401(k)s and Private Company Investments—Open the Door
Jerry Theodorou & Caroline Melear

Alternative investment asset classes, such as private equity, hedge funds and real estate, have traditionally been viewed as investment vehicles exclusively available to wealthy and…

Cannabis legalization can enhance public safety
Jillian Snider & Christi Smith

An explainer about how cannabis legalization can enhance public safety by the R Street Institute and Coalition for Cannabis Policy, Education and Regulation (CPEAR).


A Republic, If You Can Keep It: The Pressing Need for Electoral Reform
Matt Germer & Jonathan Bydlak

The R Street Institute is committed to the idea that free markets and limited, effective government are the foundation of American prosperity. Unfortunately, our electoral system is not producing a…

The High Price of “Cheap” Gas: What’s the True Cost of E15?
Nan Swift


Authorizing year-round sales of E15 is a short-sighted political stunt that comes at a high price for taxpayers, consumers and the environment. For just a few more months of slightly…

Answers to Tough Questions: the Framework of a Federal Data Security & Privacy Law
Tatyana Bolton & Brandon Pugh & Sofia Lesmes

This one-pager is an overview and precursor to a series of policy recommendations for a federal data privacy and security law, which answer and expand on the concepts of preemption, private right of…

Risk-Proportionate Tobacco Harm Reduction Legislation
Chelsea Boyd

Tobacco products exist on a continuum of risk, with combustible products representing the highest risk and electronic nicotine delivery systems falling at the lower end of the risk continuum….

Diversion Options for Broward County
Lisel Petis

At one time, an officer’s job was well defined as law and order. Nowadays, officers are unrealistically required to be social workers, emergency medical technicians and counselors, in…

The Ignored Aspects of the Senate’s Antitrust Effort: Cybersecurity and Privacy
Tatyana Bolton & Brandon Pugh

Our last explainer focused on the American Choice and Innovation Online Act (H.R.3816) and Augmenting Compatibility and Competition by Enabling Service Switching Act of 2021 (H.R.3849). This…

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