International Human Rights Law and E-Vapor Product Regulation
Corinne Day

WASHINGTON (Nov. 18, 2019) – Under several international law treaties, governments have a duty to provide citizens a right to health as a basic human right. When we consider the widespread…

, Pursuit
Congress’s Love Affair with Judicial Supremacy Continues
James Wallner

From Pursuit:

R Street Institute Senior Fellow James Wallner points to amendments as a key metric. According to Wallner, “senators have offered 90% fewer amendments in the 116th Congress than…

Sunday Morning Newsmakers 11-17-19 Seg 4
Steven Greenhut

From Sunday Morning Newsmakers:

Steve Greenhut Western Region Director for the R Street Institute, a free market think tank. His is also on the editorial board of the Southern California News…

, Project Muse
Brookings Papers on Economic Activity
Philip Wallach

From Project Muse:

Editors, Authors, Discussants, Panel Advisers, and Staff for the One Hundred and Fifth Conference

Philip Wallach, R Street Institute

, E&E News
U.S. readies first wind-powered steel plant
Josiah Neeley & William Murray

From E&E News:

It’s an advantage the group, with assistance from the conservative R Street Institute, has sought to leverage with legislation that would enable companies to bypass utilities…

Paul Rosenzweig Discusses Quid Pro Quo Effort Connection to Mulvaney
Paul Rosenzweig

From CNN:

R Street’s Paul Rosenzweig discusses quid pro quo effort connection to Mulvaney on CNN.

, Washington Examiner
California lawmakers risk ‘gigantic costs’ to cut emissions in transportation
Nick Zaiac

From Washington Examiner:

“They are making a political effort to address the problem [of climate change] as they see it. That doesn’t mean it’s not going to have gigantic costs,” Nick Zaiac…

R Street praises Virginia’s new flood risk standard for commonwealth-owned property
R.J. Lehmann

WASHINGTON (Nov. 15, 2019) – The R Street Institute welcomes Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam’s signing of Executive Order 45, which will require buildings owned by the commonwealth to have a minimum…

, Newsy
Casey Burgat discusses the first public impeachment hearing on Newsy
Casey Burgat

From Newsy:

R Street’s Casey Burgat discusses the first public impeachment hearing on Newsy.

, Axios
Destination: Future
Nick Zaiac

From Axios:

Nick Zaiac, Resident Fellow of Transportation and Infrastructure at the R Street Institute, highlighted the need to give local governments some guidance on how to carry out larger…