“The limit does not exist”: The case against congressional term limits
Ann Phelan

On Tuesday June 18, 2019, the Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on the Constitution held a hearing on a proposed constitutional amendment that would place term limits on members serving in Congress. This…

, Menafn
USPTO Director and Leading IP Experts to Share Insights at IAM’s Patent Litigation 2019
Charles Duan

From Menafn:

The panels include big names in the world of IP, such as:

Charles Duan, Director, Technology and Innovation Policy, R Street Institute

, The Daily Caller
Lefty Journos Chafe At Alyssa Milano Attending Fundraiser For Woo Woo WH Hopeful Marianne Williamson
Shoshana Weissmann

From The Daily Caller:

Shoshana Weissmann, digital media coordinator for the non-partisan R Street Institute, replied,…

, National Journal
Democrats Weigh Restricting Private-Sector Use of Facial Recognition
Caleb Watney

From National Journal:

Caleb Watney, a fellow for emerging technologies at the center-right R Street Institute, largely agrees that the market can sort out the more intrusive private-sector uses…

, Inside Sources
San Francisco’s Decision on Vaping Is at the Very Least Absurd
Carrie Wade

From Inside Sources:

R Street Institute, a public policy research organization, for example, ran a report in 2017 estimating the expected savings to Medicaid if people switched to e-cigarettes….

, Chicago's Morning Answer
R Street Institute’s Shoshana Weissmann talks Social Media Regulation
Shoshana Weissmann

From Chicago’s Morning Answer:

Shoshana Weissmann discusses social media regulation on Chicago’s Morning Answer.

, Carolina Journal
Hands-free legislation brings questions of personal liberty, enforcement challenges
Marc Hyden & Jesse Kelley

From Carolina Journal:

“Legislation such as this tends to have widespread support because it reduces distracted driving and insurance fees and the like,” said Marc Hyden, director of State…

This Land is Our Land: America’s Diversity is One of its Greatest Strengths, Especially in Congress.
Aubrey Neal

AIN Update

In a tweet posted Sunday, July 14, the president suggested that several progressive Democratic congresswomen “go back and help fix the totally broken and crime infested places from…

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Kathryn Waldron on Newsy’s The Why
Kathryn Waldron

From Newsy:

Kathryn Waldron discusses Russia and cybersecurity.