R Sheets


R Sheet on Opioid and Injection Drug Use Harm Reduction
Carrie Wade & Chelsea Boyd

 Harm reduction programs offer crucial services that save lives and decrease disease transmission. They also encourage interaction with medical professionals, which can improve individual and…

R Sheet on Pharmacy Access to Contraception in Iowa
Courtney Joslin & Marc Hyden

In the last several years, 10 states and the District of Columbia have passed pharmacy access bills, which allow pharmacists to prescribe hormonal contraception to women. These efforts expand the…

R Sheet on Tobacco Harm Reduction
Carrie Wade & Chelsea Boyd

Smoking combustible cigarettes causes nearly 1 in 5 deaths in the United States. Decades of abstinence-only smoking interventions have reduced smoking rates, but decreases have begun to stagnate and…

R Sheet on Supply Chain Security
Kathryn Waldron & Paul Rosenzweig

American national security depends upon supply chain integrity. In today’s world, America’s adversaries often advance their goals by exploiting technological weaknesses, engaging in a range of…

R Sheet On Online Content Policy
Jeffrey Westling & Mike Godwin

The Internet has allowed for an unprecedented level of connectivity across the globe. Accordingly, online platforms that harness this connectivity and facilitate communication between users now play…

Massachusetts Suspension of Occupational Licenses for Student Loan Default
C. Jarrett Dieterle & Nicolas John

In recent years, student loan debt in America has ballooned. Estimates peg the total outstanding student loan debt at $1.4 trillion, an increase of over $800 billion in the last decade. If anything,…

Pharmacy Access To Contraception in Illinois
Courtney Joslin & Marc Hyden

 In 2010, 52 percent of pregnancies in Illinois were unintended. When compared to the national average—45 percent in 2011—this is high. Adopting the pharmacy access model in Illinois would…

Pharmacy Access To Contraception in South Carolina
Courtney Joslin & Marc Hyden

 In South Carolina, half of all pregnancies are unintended. The state also has a low ratio of active doctors to total state population, ranking 36th in the country. Furthermore, women’s…

Pharmacy Access To Contraception in Arkansas
Courtney Joslin & Marc Hyden

Relative to other states, Arkansas experiences high rates of unintended pregnancy. In fact, in 2010, the latest year data is available, 55 percent of pregnancies in Arkansas were unintended,…

R Sheet On The Benefits of Expanding Ocular Telehealth
C. Jarrett Dieterle & Courtney Joslin

Image credit: Victoria Shapiro