Policy Studies


, National Affairs
Changing Police Norms
Daniel Semelsberger & Arthur Rizer

*This article was peer reviewed by professionals who are subject matter experts in the field of police diversion. Reviewers include: Nixon Camilien, PhD, Jac A. Charlier, Elizabeth Sinclair, and…

The Case Against Congressional Term Limits
Casey Burgat

Put simply, term limits have proven to be a brain drain on legislatures. Policymaking is a hard job and an often thankless one at that. There are very few easy, clear-cut decisions in Congress, and…

The Fallouts of Bailouts
Clark Packard

American farmers and ranchers have spent decades establishing themselves as steady and reliable trading partners. In 2017, the last year before the trade wars began, about 20 percent of farm income…

, Housing Finance International
The U.S. can reform housing finance without any action from Congress
Alex J. Pollock

The U.S. came out of the 2007-12 housing bust with a housing finance system even more government-centric than it was before, because the Government completely took over Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac by…

Barriers to Innovation and Automation in Railway Regulation
Nick Zaiac

Using past Congressional guidance, the FRA has already stopped the growing problem of safety-based crew size mandates, but they will face similar challenges in the future, as the pressure to put…

Reducing Regulatory Barriers to Carbon Capture Investment
William Murray

Over regulation of drilling rules has created a chilling effect on CCS investment and in light of this, a regulatory exemption regarding a specific portion of the Safe Drinking Water Act’s…

The Use of Lay Magistrates in the United States
Lars Trautman & SteVon Felton

With an arrest occurring once every three seconds in the United States and magistrates called to adjudicate the freedom of many of these individuals, the remaining states need to follow suit and…

Postsecondary Education in North Carolina Jails and Prisons
Jesse Kelley

The pursuit of higher education is perhaps the most worthwhile use of time for those incarcerated. Educational programming within prisons and jails can change the way individuals serve their period…

Efficient Solutions for Issues in Electricity Seams
Travis Kavulla

ISOs have conferred significant advantages in terms of the efficiency of the American power sector. Yet by becoming free-trade zones unto themselves, they in some ways make it difficult for those…

The Future of Prison Work: Private Employment Behind Bars
Nila Bala & Emily Mooney

Currently, prison work too often consists of non-transferable skills that are of little use upon reentry. In light of this, it is time to reimagine what prison work can and should consist of, and…