Policy Studies


R Sheet on Leadership PACs
Marian Currinder & Kevin Kosar
Postsecondary education in Michigan prisons
Emily Mooney & Jesse Kelley & Nila Bala

“Promoting postsecondary education for Michigan prisoners is not just smart for public safety. It also has the potential to encourage a positive, safer community behind bars; to increase…

Higher interest rates and the looming end of the second real estate double bubble
Alex J. Pollock

At this point, the most important thing about U.S. housing finance is that long-term interest rates are rising. The rate on 30-year fixed rate mortgages, the benchmark U.S. mortgage instrument, has…

2018 Insurance Regulation Report Card
R.J. Lehmann

In 2018, we saw progress toward more competitive insurance markets. Residual property insurance mechanisms continued to shrink. Several states, notably Missouri, moved to loosen systems for filing…

Human capital and institutional decline in congressional appropriations committees
Casey Burgat

Members and experts alike often call for a return to regular order in the appropriations process. But Congress is fast approaching a point where very few current members or staffers were around the…

A carbon tax, but at what price?
Josiah Neeley

“While there can be legitimate disagreements over what an appropriate carbon price should be, this is not an argument against having a carbon tax in the first place. If we are not sure, for example,…

Five policies from abroad that could improve the U.S. Postal Service
Nick Zaiac

If USPS is to thrive, it will need to quickly learn and implement the proven, low-risk successes of its peers abroad.
Press release: Postal service blues: Five policies from abroad that could…

Why we left Congress: How the legislative branch is broken and what we can do about it
Marian Currinder

“We must reform the processes and power structures of Congress, or we will further tear our country apart,” Rep. Mike Gallagher (R-Wis.) implored. “A great country such as ours deserves a…

America’s dumbest drinks laws
C. Jarrett Dieterle

“In one way or another, all of these [laws] have nonsensical rationales—and, in some cases, downright offensive ones. While it’s to be expected that governments might want to institute at least…

Arguments against 18 year term limits for the Supreme Court
Anthony Marcum

“If implemented, term limits would fail to guarantee a fair apportionment of judicial vacancies or quell the political flames surrounding the Court. Instead, it would only increase the political…