Policy Studies


R Sheet on Water Infrastructure Procurement
Nick Zaiac & C. Jarrett Dieterle
R Sheet on forcing votes
James Wallner & Kevin Kosar
Restraining the president: Congress and trade policy
Clark Packard & Philip Wallach

Congress should embrace its constitutional responsibility over trade policy by ensuring that no president can unilaterally start trade wars or protect politically favored industries through selective…

R Sheet on Competition in Artificial Intelligence
Caleb Watney & Charles Duan
R Sheet on Congressional Reorganization Acts
Casey Burgat & Aubrey Neal

Image credit: Orhan Cam

Renewable wind energy: Balancing military and private land-use concerns

“The rare instance when a wind farm siting might conflict with military readiness does not justify broader restrictions on the deployment of wind power.”
Press release: “The answer is blowin’ in…

Anticipating Trouble: Congressional Primaries and Incumbent Behavior
James Wallner

“For years, congressional primaries have been overlooked by election studies; ignored by journalists and scholars alike. However, it has become increasingly clear in recent years that the key to…

How young lawyers can help restore congressional capacity
Anthony Marcum & Casey Burgat & C. Jarrett Dieterle

“In an era of 2,000-page bills and a colossal Code of Federal Regulations, legislation is more complex than ever. As such, trained lawyers add substantial value to the legislative process by…

Would a revenue-neutral carbon tax lead to bigger government?
Josiah Neeley

“Unlike revenue from income, sales or property taxes, which tends to increase over time even at a constant tax rate, revenue from a carbon tax is likely to remain stable or fall gradually as…