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Take a load off Fannie: The GSES and uninsured earthquake risk
R.J. Lehmann & Daniel Semelsberger

With another Northridge-size quake a near certainty over the next 30 years, and with the potential for losses that could top $300 billion, the time has come to take a hard look at all of the…

An electric summer update in Texas
Devin Hartman

Texas has the best market structure to signal resource investment and integration, especially for variable and use-limited resources, suggesting that it offers the best model for affordable…

Trans-Atlantic Principles for the Future of Work and Labor Automation
Caleb Watney

The essential question for the future of work is how we can prepare our labor markets and workforce for a period of dynamism and turnover as new technologies are incorporated throughout the…

The FCC’S 3.7–4.2 GHz Spectrum Band Proceeding: Key Facts and Analysis
Joe Kane

We all want our TVs and radios to work, but we also want faster, more reliable Internet that works at home and on the move. The 3.7–4.2 GHz band is an ideal candidate to provide all these services…

Barriers to sound postal pension risk management
Nick Zaiac

Congress is considering many postal proposals, and changes to pensions is one of the options on the table.
Postal law that mandates extra-conservative use of postal savings puts letter carriers and…

Using psychology to improve employment prospects for the formerly incarcerated
Nila Bala

If we are serious about reintegrating justice-involved individuals into society, then a robust expungement policy is our best bet.


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R Sheet on The Debt Ceiling
Kevin Kosar & Philip Wallach










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Barriers to reentry and their disparate impact on women
Jesse Kelley

Even when children are reunited with their mothers post-release, the very process of reunification often requires mothers to be called to court repeatedly to attend “dependency hearings” meant…

CAFE Standards
William Murray & Ian Adams














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North America update: A bubble and a boom both nearing their ends?
Alex J. Pollock

North America certainly presents an interesting housing-finance picture, with big house-price inflation in both Canada and the United States.

Canada’s house price inflation is bigger. Indeed,…