Policy Studies


R Sheet On The Benefits of Expanding Ocular Telehealth
C. Jarrett Dieterle & Courtney Joslin

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R Sheet on Post-Cloture Debate Time for Presidential Nominations
James Wallner & Kevin Kosar

Republicans in the Senate are threatening to blow up the chamber’s rules if their Democratic colleagues do not support a proposal authored by Roy Blunt (R-Mo.) and James Lankford (R-Okla.) to…

Crisis and Opportunity: The Multilateral Trading System at a Crossroads
Clark Packard

“For 80 years, the United States has led the global economic order. Far from a victim of this system, the United States is a primary beneficiary. We have shaped it according to our interests and the…

Who’s on the Hill? Staffing and Human Capital in Congress’s Legislative Committees
Casey Burgat

“As the size and complexity of the federal government has continued to grow, Congress has deprioritized spending within the offices most responsible for legislating and conducting Executive Branch…

How to reduce transaction costs in spectrum markets
Joe Kane

 “The agency [FCC] should approximate initial conditions that will create flexibility and lower transaction costs so that productive outcomes can prevail in the long run.”

Press release – R…

V.C. Summer is a symptom of a larger problem
Josiah Neeley & Marc Hyden

“V.C. Summer is simply one symptom of a more fundamental problem: South Carolina’s regulatory framework itself encourages such behavior in electricity markets.”
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R Sheet on Deep Fakes
Jeffrey Westling & Charles Duan

The term “deep fake” refers to AI-generated audiovisual media that can convincingly resemble authentic content.

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U.S. Patents and Competitiveness with China
Charles Duan

“If patents become too powerful an enforcement tool, they could ultimately be turned into weapons against American companies, further stymieing domestic innovation and giving…

R Sheet on Net Neutrality
Tom Struble & Joe Kane
Disinformation in the Reagan Years and Lessons for Today
Megan Reiss

In hindsight, the United States should have expected that Russia would search for new purpose after its empire col- lapsed. The transition from superpower to “something else” was, in part, a…