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Barriers to reentry and their disparate impact on women
Jesse Kelley

Even when children are reunited with their mothers post-release, the very process of reunification often requires mothers to be called to court repeatedly to attend “dependency hearings” meant…

CAFE Standards
William Murray & Ian Adams














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North America update: A bubble and a boom both nearing their ends?
Alex J. Pollock

North America certainly presents an interesting housing-finance picture, with big house-price inflation in both Canada and the United States.

Canada’s house price inflation is bigger. Indeed,…

How states use occupational licensing to punish student loan defaults
Shoshana Weissmann & C. Jarrett Dieterle & Garrett Watson

“Stripping delinquent borrowers of their professional license essentially tells them: we want you to do better at repaying your loans, so we are going to deny you the ability to earn the money…

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Conserving criminal-justice reform
Lars Trautman & Arthur Rizer

When Carl Harris was released from prison in 2009, he described himself as “a man coming out of a cave after 20 years.” Convicted of assault at age 24 after injuring two people who had stolen his…

The International Trade Commission’s Authority In Domestic Patent Disputes
Bill Watson & Charles Duan

The U.S. International Trade Commission, a federal agency that deals with foreign trade, has issued an order against a purely domestic company that engages in no foreign trade. That order, now on…

The role of markets in spectrum policy
Joe Kane

“…as with other economic goods like land and paper, the most efficient way of allocating spectrum [is]…to create a market for it rather than to give it away for free at the whims of the…

Economic costs and policy alternatives to California’s Dynamex decision
Ian Adams & Brian Jencunas

The Dynamex decision is set to hurt workers and businesses alike by reducing flexibility and ratcheting up the cost of doing business in the Golden…

Think before you ban: The awkward case of e-cigarette flavors
Carrie Wade

In bringing forward draft rules in regulating flavors, the FDA must correctly frame its analysis and justification, taking account of all possible benefits and harms, including those harms induced by…

How occupational licensing laws harm public safety and the formerly incarcerated
Jonathan Haggerty

Moral character laws are constitutionally dubious, damaging to public safety and serve as extrajudicial penalties on justice-involved persons that violate norms of fairness. Policymakers around the…