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, Washington Examiner
Replace deteriorating rail systems with bus rapid transit
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From Washington Examiner:
Politics is broken, change my mind

James Wallner for the R Street Institute: In a free society, obedience can only be legitimately compelled by persuasion. At bottom,…

House communications seen looking to 2018 goals in rural broadband hearing
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From Washington Internet Daily:
House Communications is also likely to focus on alternatives to fiber-to-the-home broad (FTTH) and given planned testimony from Wireless ISP Association President…

House members expect to weigh FTC authority, privacy obligations at hearing
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From Consumer Electronics Daily:

Expect lawmakers to suggest what topics the agency should discuss when it holds a series of public meetings this year on consumer protection, said R Street…

, E&E News
Republicans duel on climate measures behind the scenes
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From E&E News:
“The key thing that isn’t really addressed by the resolution that could be appealing to a Republican is the idea of using revenue from a carbon tax to reduce other taxes,” said…

, Reason
Trump apologies for America ahead of Helsinki Summit with Putin: Reason roundup
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From Reason:

Overzealous regulators quashing entrepreneurship. What happens “when the city comes for your home-based business?” An increasing number of people are finding…

, Roll Call
Critics pan plan to publish congressional research
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From Roll Call:
Schuman laid out his concerns Thursday in a blog post co-authored with R Street Institute Vice President Kevin Kosar — a former CRS researcher — and founder Josh…

, Washington Examiner
Daily on energy: Trump and Putin, energy ‘competitors’ together
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From Washington Examiner:
Pushing carbon tax: Groups like the R-Street Institute, Niskanen Center, and others have been pushing the benefits of a carbon tax as a market-based solution to address…

, The Score
The Score: Anthony Kennedy, Criminal Justice, New Zealand, Brett Kavanaugh
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Fr0m The Score:
On The Score this week, we hear about what changes we can expect if Brett Kavanaugh is confirmed as the successor to Anthony Kennedy on the U.S. Supreme Court. A policy analyst from…

, Fohla de S. Paulo
Antes de relacionar alguém a Hitler é preciso pensar na gravidade da comparação, diz advogado
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From Fohla de S. Paulo:
Desde que a internet é internet, discussões acaloradas online acabam descambando para extremismos e invariavelmente alguém acaba citando o nazismo ou o ditador Adolf…

, The Crpytonomist
Il Parlamento USA discute sul futuro delle crypto
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From The Cryptonomist:
All’audizione parteciperanno il dr. Rodney J. Garratt, Maxwell C. e Mary Pellish Chairdell’Università della California a Santa Barbara, il Dr. Norbert J. Michel,…