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, Genome Web
The Suspects, Too
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From Genome Web:

There’s an overlooked privacy issue with using genetic genealogy approaches in law enforcement: privacy rights of the suspect, writes Nila Bala from the R Street Institute, a…

, The Epoch Times
Democratic 2020 Presidential Candidates Open to Packing Supreme Court
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From The Epoch Times:

If Democrats follow through on expanding the Supreme Court, “it would usher in a new and frightening era for the judicial arms race,” according to Sarah Turberville of…

, Houston Chronicle
‘Pill mill’ doctor among first released under law for dying prisoners
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From Houston Chronicle:

“They’ve already missed that deadline,” said Emily Mooney, a policy expert with the right-leaning think tank R Street. “Now because (the Bureau of Prisons) still…

, The Philip DeFranco Show
The Insane True Stories of Non-Combat IS Members, US Policy, Prosecution & What Justice Looks Like…
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Paul Rosenzweig discusses non-combat IS members, US policy, prosecution & what justice looks like…

, Insurance Business
The National Flood Insurance Program – Everything you need to know
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From Insurance Business:

R.J. Lehmann, The R Street Institute’s director of finance, insurance and trade policy, said in July 2018 (after the current law’s seventh reauthorization): “The…

, Climate Wire
Private Insurers Join Flood Game
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From Climate Wire:

But that has changed in recent years as technology has enabled risk-modeling companies to assess the risk of individual properties, which lets insurance companies write…

, A1TopNews
What to expect if Mueller gets hauled to the Hill
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From A1TopNews:

“Total dud,” added Paul Rosenzweig, a senior fellow at the non-profit R Street Institute and a former senior counsel to Clinton-era independent counsel Kenneth Starr. “I…

, Central Banking
Book notes: Finance and philosophy, by Alex J Pollock
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From Central Banking:

Pollock started his working life as a banker. In 1970, he was a management trainee in the international banking department of the Continental Illinois Bank of Chicago. He…

Six futuristic concepts on the Pentagon’s counterterrorism “wish list”
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From Georgia Tech Contracting Education Academy:

Now a senior fellow at the R Street Institute, a conservative-leaning Washington, DC think tank, Rosenzweig thinks some of what CTTSO hopes…