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, WFTV-9 (ABC)
Police use smell to conduct warrantless searches: WFTV-9 (ABC) Investigates
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From WFTV-9 (ABC):
“These searches are problematic because there is a rea propensity to use them as a pretext,” says Lars Trautman, a senior fellow of criminal justice and civil liberties…

, Voice of America
Questions Linger Over Legitimacy of Trump’s Acting AG Pick
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From Voice of America:
“There are two things at stake,” said Paul Rosenzweig, a senior fellow at the R Street Institute, a conservative and libertarian think tank. “At the biggest and highest level,…

Alex Pollock: What is the most dangerous institution in the world?
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From McAlvany Weekly Commentary:


, FiveThirtyEight
How The Democratic House Majority Could Help Mueller — Or Trip Him Up
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From FiveThirtyEight:

It’s also possible that Mueller could learn something important from Democrats, especially if they do begin aggressively investigating issues that might fall under…

The Supreme Court Should Confirm, Again, that Abstract Software Patents Don’t Need a Trial to be Proved Invalid
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From EFF:
Now that the Federal Circuit has declined rehearing en banc (with all active judges participating in the decision), only the Supreme Court can prevent Berkheimer’s errors from…

, The Washington Post
Kellyanne Conway’s husband and Reagan’s counsel are among lawyers warning that Trump imperils democracy
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From the Washington Post:

Most, if not all, are active members of the Federalist Society and believe in limited judicial function, Paul Rosenzweig, a senior fellow at the R Street Institute and…

, The Times
Donald Trump’s sacking of Jeff Sessions hands weapon to Democrats
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From The Times:

“I think he’s shooting himself in the foot by demonstrating a lack of real fidelity to the rule of law,” said Paul Rosenzweig, a senior fellow at the R Street think tank…

, Townhall
Karl Rove Gives the GOP Honest Feedback About Midterm Loses in Suburban Areas
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From Townhall:
Rove isn’t the only one who had similar feelings about the GOP’s loss on Election Day. Shoshana Weissmann, the founder of CityGOP, shared a Twitter thread explaining why it’s…

, Missoula Current
PSC Commissioner Kavulla to leave Montana for D.C.-based conservative think tank
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From the Missoula Current:
Travis Kavulla will leave the Montana Public Service Commission when his term expires at the end of December and take a position at a Washington, D.C., public policy…

, Wired
Rural Kids Face and Internet ‘Homework Gap’: The FCC could help.
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From Wired:
Hundreds of people and organizations weighed in during the FCC’s first public comment period on the proposals, which closed in August. Submissions from school districts and education…