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Jim Baker: Going Dark
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From The Oath with Chuck Rosenberg:

Jim Baker ran the Office of Intelligence Policy and Review at the Justice Department both before and after 9/11 – the office responsible for handling…

Free-market spectrum policy and the C Band
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From The Technology Liberation Front:

As Joe Kane explained in a white paper, the FCC and telecom companies are exploring various ways of accomplishing that.

Prof. Dan Lyons and Roslyn…

, Gizmodo
New Legislation Would Help National Committees Improve Candidates’ Cybersecurity
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From Gizmodo:

“Right now, no one is providing substantive cybersecurity help to campaigns and campaign finance restrictions reduce the incentive for campaigns to seek help,” said Paul…

, Senator Ron Wyden
Wyden Introduces Bill to Protect Campaigns, State Parties From Foreign Hackers
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From Senator Ron Wyden (D-OR):

Paul Rosenzweig, Senior Fellow, R Street Institute: “This bill is just good common sense.  Right now, no one is providing substantive cybersecurity help…

, Intellectual Takeout
California Makes Housing Scarcer
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From Intellectual Takeout:

Hostility towards landlords results in many dwellings being left vacant rather than housing a needy tenant. Would-be landlords won’t rent out, for fear that they…

, Cheddar
Following Trump’s Orders, Google Bans Huawei’s Access to Android
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From Cheddar:

“The United States has very legitimate complaints about the way China is handling the high tech sector,” Clark Packard, a trade policy manager at the public policy firm R Street…

, Cheddar
Google Pulls Back From Embattled Chinese Tech Giant Huawei
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From Cheddar:

Google is cutting back some of its business with Chinese tech giant Huawei. Clark Packard, trade policy manager at R Street Institute, discusses the developments.

, The Andy Caldwell Show
The Andy Caldwell Show with Dr. Don Boys, Keisha Russell, Steven Greenhut & Joe Armendariz
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From The Andy Caldwell Show:

Dr. Don Boys, Ph.D., former member of the Indiana House of Representatives, columnist for USA Today and author of 18 books including, “Muslim Invasion: The Fuse is…

, Protect Democracy
Roadmap for Renewal
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From Protect Democracy:

Proposals (see more below):

R Street, Thinking Analytically about Election SecurityR Street, R Sheet on Congressional Reorganization Acts

, CBC Radio
Balancing safety with privacy in prison: should ‘smart’ technology monitor inmates?
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From CBC Radio:

Artificial intelligence has great potential to help with all sorts of aspects of our lives – smart homes, cars, workplaces – but can AI help improve our prisons?