ICYMI: Top reads on Congress
David Bahr

James Wallner, “Congress Has a Duty to Intervene in Trump’s Trade War,” The Bulwark:

“As the United States and China announce dueling tariffs and send the stock markets spiraling,…

New Hampshire’s Highly Automated Future Is Almost Here
Marc Hyden

For nearly 50 years, FedEx’s local package delivery method has largely gone unchanged, but it may soon evolve. The multinational corporation is currently working with the city of Manchester to…

Public Safety, Jobs Depend on Statewide Rideshare Regulatory Framework
Marc Hyden

Fostering job growth and improving public safety are key elements in
just about any political stump speech, and with elections quickly approaching,
Louisianans will get their fill of these topics….

Congress and the Judiciary: The top 3 takeaways from a discussion on what the House and Senate can do to fix the courts
Aubrey Neal

On May 14 the Legislative
Branch Capacity Working Group and the American Institutions Network launched a panel discussion to answer the
question: What can the House and Senate do to fix the courts?…

The Lessons Alice Rivlin Taught All of Us
Eli Lehrer

Alice Rivlin, a woman who held every
leading fiscal policy job in the country, saved the city of Washington, D.C.
from financial ruin and served as the number two at the Federal Reserve, died on

Cancel Culture Comes to Climate Change
Josiah Neeley

Recent years have seen a flurry of incidents of
“deplatforming,” where controversial speakers are disinvited or individuals are
excluded from events because of their “unsafe” views. Many of…

ICYMI: Top reads on Congress
David Bahr

Don Wolfensberger, “House subpoena fights imperil interbranch comity,” The Hill:

Never before has a president signaled that his administration will resist all subpoenas issued by…

Massachusetts Bill Seeks to Expand Access to More Effective Contraceptives
Courtney Joslin & Nicolas John

In 2013, teen pregnancy in Massachusetts reached an historic low. As the Massachusetts Department of Public Health noted, this achievement was largely in part thanks to better access to…

ICYMI: Top reads on Congress
David Bahr

Cristina Marcos, “Former lawmakers urge Congress to consider pay raises,” The Hill:

“Former lawmakers on Wednesday urged a select committee tasked with modernizing Congress to consider…

Top 10 Transportation & Infrastructure Policy Recommendations for Bipartisan Progress
Nick Zaiac & Aubrey Neal

April 30, 2019 marked the deadline for members of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee to submit their policy priorities to the Chair. In honor of this important stage in the…