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Seven decades of the inflation-adjusted Dow Jones Industrial average
Alex J. Pollock

Everybody has observed the renewed volatility of stock prices during the last few months. But for all the volatility, so far, the stock market has moved basically sideways since the end of 2017. The…

Occupational Licensing is Hurting Ohio
Alan Smith

Ohio doesn’t license florists or fortune tellers like some states do (and who among us cannot imagine the problems unqualified fortune tellers can cause?) The larger issue for the state these days,…

Libertarians and Climate Liability Redux
Josiah Neeley

My piece on how libertarians should think about liability for damages from climate change has drawn a thoughtful response from Jordan McGillis at The Institute for Energy Research (IER). McGillis…

Can Cohen’s clients count on communications to remain confidential?
Jesse Kelley

Yesterday, the FBI raided the New York office, home, and hotel of longtime Trump lawyer Michael Cohen. Agents reportedly seized records related to the former adult film star known as “Stormy…

Sasha Moss

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg will be testifying before Congress on Tuesday and Wednesday. So join us in playing ZUCKERBINGO!
Step 1: Use the following words to fill out your own BINGO board. Make…

Putting Politics Aside Has Become Impossible; Hence Pruitt Will Stay at EPA
William Murray

When you consider the impressive list of people that the Trump administration has shown the door since February – Tillerson, Shulkin, Porter, McMaster, Hicks and Cohn – it may seem likely that…

Safekeeping: Solitary Confinement without a Conviction
Marc Hyden

In Tennessee, you can be thrown into prison and held in solitary confinement indefinitely without being convicted of a crime. This practice has been used in the Volunteer State since 1858 under the…

Give South Carolinians the Choice to Lower Record-High Electric Bills
Marc Hyden

South Carolinians spend more on their electric bills than people from any other state, but they shouldn’t have to.

As it stands, South Carolina residents pay over $1,750 a year on average for…

What’s in a name of a Banking Committee?
Alex J. Pollock

Adair Turner, whose insights into finance among other contributions got him promoted to Lord Turner, has concluded that lending on housing and other real estate is by far the largest creator of…

Watch Out, Congress May Take Action on Energy Infrastructure After All
William Murray

Depending on how you have been counting, it seems that President Trump has completed his third or fourth “infrastructure week,” which is to say that our nation’s capital is stuck in an election…