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Three Very Good Boys Weigh in: Clickbait journalism is the real parasite
Murray Rothbark

Social media outrage sparked by a piece from the Union-Tribune calling dogs parasites did not land on deaf dog ears in these hallowed halls of the R Street Institute. As canine professionals, we feel…

Is inflation “quite good” or “a thief in the night”?
Alex J. Pollock

“Consumer Price Inflation Hits Six-Year High,” is the headline of a July 12 economic report.  The Bureau of Labor Statistics has just reported that as of June, the Consumer Price Index was up…

What’s in Andrew Wheeler’s EPA wheelhouse?
William Murray

Quickly, after so many months in the news, Environmental Protection Administration (EPA) Chief Scott Pruitt’s name has entered the way-back machine, along with his private phone booth and used…

Why Congress and the American people should support foreign, non-military aid
Alan Smith

In the United States today, there is a continuing need to explain to the American public what most of their elected representatives understand very well: It is critical to maintain non-military…

Thoughts on a promising, imperfect Roadmap.
Eli Lehrer

Friends of mine at Protect Democracy devoted a lot of thought to their new manifesto, Roadmap for Renewal: A Legislative Blueprint for Protecting Our Democracy, which went live July 4th. And while I…

, Law and Liberty
What’s Wrong with American Politics
James Wallner

American politics does not make much sense.

Millions of people from across the political spectrum are frustrated with the status quo in Washington and the gridlock in Congress that has become its…

Defining germaneness
James Wallner

During Senate consideration of the defense authorization bill, Senator Lindsey Graham, R-SC, objected to setting a vote on an amendment offered by Mike Lee, R-Utah, on the grounds that it wasn’t…

, Conference Board Blog
Dual class share voting versus the “empty voting” of mutual fund advisors’
Bernard Sharfman

From time to time I am asked to explain how I can support the disproportionate voting found in dual class shares while at the same time strongly criticizing the “empty voting” of mutual fund…

Polarization is an output of our process, not the cause of all our woes
Philip Wallach & James Wallner

Our recent piece, “Congress is Broken. But don’t blame polarization,” provoked a number of useful discussions about how political scientists should interpret the results of empirical models…

There’s more to incarceration than prison population
Lars Trautman

Nationally, more Americans live in state prison than in eight states and the District of Columbia. That statement makes it tempting to turn to reports of slowly dropping prison populations for…