From The New Atlantis:

There is no reason to expect the NRC to make this sort of reform a priority. Quite the opposite: “The NRC, … their philosophy is that … if another nuclear plant never comes online, they’re fine with that,” said Josiah Neeley, a senior fellow in energy policy at the R Street Institute, in an interview. “They wouldn’t view that as a failure of mission…. That’s a problem.”

“At the highest level, they understandably want to minimize the risk of a disaster, or a meltdown or whatever, which is good,” Neeley adds. “But there’s not really any countervailing incentive to say, ‘Okay, but we also want to try and get plants built.’ And the easiest way to make sure that there’s never a meltdown is that there are no new plants. I suppose if you were to get to the point where all the existing plants were to go out of operation, maybe that would be awkward for them. But up until that point, really, the incentives are pretty much skewed [toward] zero risk.”