WASHINGTON (Nov. 5, 2020)—The R Street Institute is excited to welcome Wayne Brough as a managing senior fellow on the Technology and Innovation team.

In this role, Dr. Brough will oversee the technology and innovation department and their policy strategy. He will manage product flow on technology policy issues—complemented by his strong research in competition policy and intellectual property.

“At a time when the tech sector is under attack across the political spectrum, it is important to provide objective research of technology policy in order to understand how markets work in the tech sector and avoid undue regulations that inhibit innovation and economic growth in one of the most dynamic sectors of the economy,” said Brough. “R Street is a leader when it comes to balancing the strengths of our market-oriented economy and the role of government in so many issues that do not often make front page news.”

Prior to joining R Street, Brough served as president at the Innovation Defense Foundation where he co-founded the free-market think tank focusing on technology policy. He was also chief economist and vice president for research at FreedomWorks where he oversaw research on a broad portfolio of issues, promoting market-based solutions to public policy issues including tax and budget policy. He previously worked at the Office of Management and Budget, United States Agency for International Development and has testified before Congress and regulatory agencies on a variety of issues.

Brough received his PhD in Economics from George Mason University.