I am excited to announce that I recently persuaded two brilliant people to start a podcast with me. It is called Politics In Question and is about how our political institutions are failing us and ideas for fixing them. My co-hosts are Julia Azari (Marquette University) and Lee Drutman (New America).


American politics has reached a moment of existential uncertainty. Beyond the headlines and news alerts are problems bigger than any one administration—problems that stem from deep tensions and challenges in our political institutions.

Given this, we think that it is time to reevaluate and revisit how we think about American democracy.


Of course, there are a lot of podcasts about the daily chaos. But Politics in Question is the first to step back and think big about the basic structures and processes of democracy — and to take nothing for granted. In each episode, we get beyond daily developments and emphasize the importance of critical inquiry to understanding what’s really happening in politics. Julia, Lee, and I imagine and argue over what our politics could look like if citizens questioned everything.

We have tackled topics ranging from the Electoral College and the Senate to primary elections, realignments, and ranked-choice voting. In our next episode, we explore partisan gerrymandering.


You can listen to our first five episodes on our website (as well as on Apple and Stitcher). If you are intrigued by what you hear, be sure to subscribe so that you do not miss future episodes. Also, please write a review. Tell us what you think.

Thanks for listening!